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  • Ko je Marko Mitošević, kako bi sebe najkraće predstavio?

Marko je jedan entuzijastični, energični student koji želi da pospeši sebe kao i svoju zajednicu.

  • Koja su tvoja interesovanja i hobiji?

Volim da čitam, planinarim i idem u teretanu.

Najviše me interesuju istorija, astronomija i ekologija.

  • U slobodno vreme možemo da te sretnemo na kojim lokacijama u gradu?

Najveću šansu da me vidite imate na Keju ili u nekom parku.

Takođe se često nađem u KC Labu, gde najviše volim da izlazim.

  •  Šta je bio okidač da kreneš u volontersku avanturu?

Početno sam imao višak slobodnog vremena i želju da radim nešto ,,korisno”. 

U leto 2019. sam otišao na svoje prvo volontiranje i ostatak je istorija :).

  • Kakvo je tvoje iskustvo u volonterskim „vodama“

Tokom prošlih tri godine sam imao raznih iskustava tokom volontiranja i mogu reći da su uglavnom bila pozitivna i da su me neka čak dosta promenila na bolje.

  • Koja je za tebe formula i ključ volontiranja?

motivacija + ideja + organizacija = nezaboravno volontiranje

  • Koju bi volontersku akciju posebno izdvojio/la?

Želeo bih da istaknem svoju prvu volontersku akciju - vođenje stranih studenata kroz Novi Sad. Sam događaj je bio vrlo zanimljiv i pokazao mi je jednu novu perspektivu grada u kome sam odrastao i zbog toga ću se uvek rado sećati ovog dana.

  • Koliko volontiranje pomaže mladima da se samoostvare, da nađu put to sebe i nekog svog „zvanja“ u budućnosti? 

Preko volontiranja mladi uče mnoge zanimljive veštine koje bi  bilo teško naučili na poslu. Takodje se kroz volontiranje uči jedna od najbitnijih osobina u modernom dobu - fleksibilnost. Kroz dugoročno volontiranje se čak i najzatvorenije osobe otvore i mislim da je volontiranje jedan od najboljih načina da se neko osamostali.

Planting the future

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Everything has a start, an evolution and a future; some things never die, like hope, and hope to become better. I want to tell you about the latest experience I had in this rainy day a week ago, it is about life, hope, achievement, inspiration and a success story! We planted the future on the 5-th of December 2021 but how and where, read below: Some experiences cannot be described only with “It was amazing” because there is bigger than amazing, there is wonderful. But before you start to get bored let me start to tell you about the story (so you don´t “hate” me for trying way too much):

So as I said it was 5-th of December we had this day full of activities with young people from almost all over Balkans, and one of the activities, the greatest one was to plant trees at primary school “Jovan Popović”, it is always great to do something for the future, to do a good deed and why not to be remembered for that, of course in the future.

So we started the day really early, first stop was at city center at European Culture 2022 building in front of the Christmas village, to change the number of the remaining days that are left till the opening, on the 5-th there were even 39 days left,  but if you pass by the city center take a look at that! Then to the main dish, and the best one, our stop was the school “Jovan Popović”, oh I love that school and its students (at least the ones I met and talked to me with this amazing English, oh I felt so glad , and explained to me the spaces of the school and the infinite prizes, medals and championships they won) but the main event here was planting the trees, we planted TULIP TREES. 

The Tulip Tree is perceived one of the most important trees in American history and serves today as representation of liberty and democracy, values we want to share, promote, and inject to the young generations so we can be sure we are planting a prosper, inclusive, hopeful, rightful, and a bright future for everyone who is living and will come into this world, to be sure that the ones that will come after us will have it easier, at least they will have a shade when the sun is to strong! That´s what we do in volunteering we try to create, cure and help for a better tomorrow! 

After that we went at OPENS this amazing building full of inspiring people, we had there this big conference about “Volunteering and planting the future”, everyone who helped, who volunteered got a medal with the logo of NvS “Novosadski Volonterski Servis” it was a great closing way before we jumped into the food and party! It is always good and healthy to get some recognition and appreciation for your help, time, ideas, vision or even just your presence. Only the fact of being there nowadays it is an act to be valued, and applauded! 

 The conference went great, I mean I was a speaker in it (just joking), there was Nikolina as well speaking in behalf of NvS, this amazing local volunteer who shared her experiences and memories, they told me her speech was super cool, I do believe it, she is a wonder! We had Vukašin as well he is the boss, but he is one of the coolest to be around, unless there is something to be fixed, he is great he talked about Opens and how everything is going, he can speak really fast, I was so impressed! And then Vojislav was the last speaker, he deserves to have the last word, he is just the best, but I will say no more so I don´t look like I want to corrupt him!

But you should remain with three headlines from this article, the first one is that volunteering is so useful and might be life changing! Second when people from all over Balkans come together and between them have a common understanding and cooperation good things become reality! And third thing is that we plant the future!

Planting the future it is tough, so try and do everyday a thing having in mind the future, do everyday a thing for the future. Plant the future, if you don´t do it, who will?!

Adrian Zalla

Optimistic Depression

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Let me tell you about what I am doing in Novi Sad, and how everything started and most importantly what optimistic depression is?! I am a WB6 volunteer, that´s all for now!

So when I did the first interview with Vojislav (this amazing leader, supervisor, and coordinator) and Bojana (an amazing, cheerful lady) Vojislav kept talking about optimistic depression, and I kept asking what is it? Well he told me I would discover it eventually after I started to live in Novi Sad, but since my curiosity wouldn´t let me in peace I started to look about this amazing optimistic depression, that doesn’t´ t really harm but isn´t healthy as well!

So I started to look about leads, I started with my flat-mates, than people who´ve been born and raised in Novi Sad well it seems the only life Novi Sad has is in city center but is that true? I mean yes, it gets dark at 16:30 but there is life, if you know where and how to look about it! But optimistic depression has extended his arms all over Novi Sad, why? To keep it safe, to keep it sane, to keep it in move, to keep it in shape!

But what is optimistic depression?

Well there are two sides, when of them is the psychological side of depression, but you must not let depression beat you under any circumstances, but the fight starts when you become aware you aren´t okay, that you are struggling with something important that seems you cannot figure out, because I am struggling with the old out of shape busses in Novi Sad but that´s just Balkans!

Well and the other side is the best one, the one probably Vojvodianian people invent, so basically optimistic depression in Novi Sad is called when people get happy for small things, a coffee, a good conversation, a flirt, a successful meeting, a new upcoming thing, having health, so under their optics optimistic depression is just: Don´t complain, enjoy life, as it comes! Enjoy it like you can and how you want, in the end of the day you are the judge and the responsible about your own health, mental health, mood, and your soul!

Well for sure Vojvodina and Novi Sad people know how to enjoy life and time, in case you haven´t noticed is a heaven of bakeries, coffee shops, bars and restaurants!

Well it seems that optimistic depression is a healthy lifestyle for a Vojvodinian person, but not so much for a foreigner, I think I just need to get the hang of it!

For sure I could get used to optimistic depression, even enjoy it, we are Balkans we enjoy Drama!

Adrian Zalla